Three that finally dried

Here are three 16″ x 20″ paintings on canvas.
The first layer is acrylic paint followed by a mixture of oil & cold wax.
It’s OK to mix acrylic and oil as long as you put the oil on TOP of the acrylic.
If you put the acrylic on top of oil, good luck with that!

“Red Rain Falls”
“Remembering the Remnants”
“The Beauty of the Storm”

Upcoming show…

At the Aiken Art Center this Thursday.

I didn’t realize the whole picture. This show was being put on my the Aiken Artists Guild. I wasn’t a member, so the I had to become a member then enter the show. I was relieved to know the painting I labeled as “A” was guaranteed to be in the show. The painting labeled “B” was up for jury. I received an email saying my “B” painting, due to space didn’t make it in. I’m thankful to be a part of the artists guild in town.

The “A” painting is the larger 24″ x 24″ painting in oil on wood panel, “The Remains of the Sea.” The show is tomorrow night and I’m very excited. I’m hoping it will sell.

Two Paintings submitted…

I joined the Aiken Artist Guild today and was able to enter two paintings in a show. The first one is guaranteed to be entered and the second one might once it passes a juried panel.
Here is the painting that will be in:

“The Remains of the Sea”
24″ x 24″ x 1.4″
oil on wood panel

and the second painting that will have to pass a juried panel:
“Where the Two Meet”
16″ x 20″ x 1.4″
mixed media on canvas