“Untitled #4322”
36″ x 36″ x 1.4″
mixed media on canvas
$1295.00 + shipping/packing

What’s my Art About?

I was watching a YouTube vlog about art and the question came up, what is your art about? I was stumped. Initially I thought maybe I don’t have any meaning behind my art except my works are the marks I choose to leave behind. Which lead me to think, maybe my works are about the frailty of life. This made sense to me and I’ll be adapting this theme.

I’m contemplating taking on my largest painting project I’ve ever done – a huge 60″ x 72″ canvas. This fifteen ounce canvas will not be stretched or framed. This will tangibly convey my new theme: “The Frailty of Life.” I intend to sell it as is, the buyer may mount it any way they wish but my intent is to hang it loose to convey the theme best as possible.

Three that finally dried

Here are three 16″ x 20″ paintings on canvas.
The first layer is acrylic paint followed by a mixture of oil & cold wax.
It’s OK to mix acrylic and oil as long as you put the oil on TOP of the acrylic.
If you put the acrylic on top of oil, good luck with that!

“Red Rain Falls”
“Remembering the Remnants”
“The Beauty of the Storm”